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New Zealand Rocks and Minerals

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Aragonite (24487 bytes)
Erionite, Moeraki NZ (38793 bytes)
Moeraki NZ
Quartz, Whitianga NZ (14252 bytes)
Whitianga NZ
New Zealand microminerals

Non New Zealand microminerals

These pages contains images of some of our collection of micro minerals.  These specimens have been collected over a number of years, many of them personally, and some in exchange with other micro collectors world wide.
NZ Micros are from New Zealand only.
O/S Micros are from any other origin.  new.gif (111 bytes)new.gif (111 bytes)new.gif (111 bytes)
A micro mineral is defined as a mineral specimen that is permanently mounted, and requires lighting and magnification to view them.  Most of the following specimens are of the order of 1-2 mm in dimension.
he following photographs were taken using a fully automatic Olympus OM2 camera, though an Olympus 10-40 zoom microscope onto normal daylight print film, with incandescent light sources and a blue skylight filter to compensate the colour temperature.  They were then digitised using a Sony Digital Mavica FD7 camera, directly off the film prints.

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